Instead of Doing Nothing, I Defy Fibromyalgia with a Fun List

Instead of Doing Nothing, I Defy Fibromyalgia with a Fun List
Christine Tender Points Keeping myself occupied prevents me from focusing on my medical issues and thereby worsening them. As the "law of attraction" says, “That which we dwell upon is drawn into our lives.” However, on days when my fibromyalgia symptoms are particularly bothersome, I have difficulty even remembering things I could otherwise do to help me feel better, much less doing any of them. To solve that issue, I have created a reminder for myself of some things I can do (other than ruminating on my problems) on days when I don’t feel well enough to do anything at all. My list includes things that require no energy, no effort, and little or no brainpower or concentration. Those are all in short supply on days I’m suffering from pain and fatigue. Each item on my list can brighten an otherwise unpleasant day for me — a day that could otherwise leave me feeling drained and hopeless. I share my list with you here — not because I think these same items will brighten your day. I know we all have different and varied interests. Things that bring me happiness may very well bore you to tears. My hope is that seeing my list will inspire you to create a list for yourself. My ideas may be very diff
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  1. Effie Matsas says:

    Hello Christine,
    This is a gem of an article! When I’m in pain and frustrated, I procrastinate when it comes to work and these are the tasks I do when I’m in procrastination mode. These tasks make me feel guilty as it feels like I have not achieved anything. Thank you for re-framing this task list to “fun things to do” and defying FM! Now these tasks are considered fun tasks, completed without guilt and providing a sense of wellbeing. Also just like to add another thing to my fun list – cuddle my bunny!

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