Video Contest Raises Awareness for ‘Invisible’ Diseases Like Fibromyalgia

Video Contest Raises Awareness for ‘Invisible’ Diseases Like Fibromyalgia
A new video contest called #IAmInvisibleNoMore, part of a campaign that raises awareness of “invisible” diseases and disabilities like fibromyalgia, was recently launched by the Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) and the private company Allsup. For the campaign, the IDA, an advocacy organization supporting people with invisible disabilities, joined efforts with Allsup, a U.S. company that works with people filing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims. The video contest invites people to upload a two- or three-minute video telling their personal stories. Participants will be eligible to win a series of prizes. The first prize is a $500 check and a trip to Denver, just in time to attend the IDA Awards Gala, on Oct. 19. Second- and third-place prizes are $250 and $100 pre-paid debit cards, respectively. The deadline to participate in the video contest is March 16. Winners will be chosen by online votes. Until March 16, both IDA and Allsup will host Facebook live events with tips on how to tell your story in a short clip. Additional information and official contest rules can be found here. "Living with an invisible disability means struggling to get people to believe you when you explain how your condition affects you," Wayne Connell, fo
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  1. Dr Reagan says:

    one thing also is that people with neurological disabilities and fibromyalgia have less earning potential because of perceptual physical, mobility, pain, and fatique limitations. I have fibromyalgia and other neurological conditions and the only work I can do is being an adjunct college prof and tutor. it is not a steadt income and this is why I cannot pay for subscriptions. The very people you serve have the least money due to limitations. The fibromylaiga in my case was triggered by a transference of seeing an injury of someone I admire greatly and the result is I have been sick ever since that occurred in Dec 2013

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