Focusing on the ‘I Can’

Focusing on the ‘I Can’
Chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia can throw your life out of whack, wreak havoc with your plans, and distort how you see yourself and your future. Staying discouraged, though, is counterproductive. It's super important to take good care of yourself. Practice good hygiene as often as your energy allows. Find shortcuts that work well for you. I find that I have to time my shower just right, knowing that I will be unable to do anything for about two to three hours afterward. When I'm not up for that, a good old-fashioned sponge bath will do. Also, I don't brush my teeth every day, as it's sometimes hard to stand for even a few moments. I do keep floss on my bedside table and use it every time I eat something. I know how very frustrating and embarrassing it is to have to cancel plans or appointments at the last minute, especially if it was something you were looking forward to. Last year, for our anniversary, my husband surprised me with a sleigh ride. It was really wonderful, but I froze even though I was bundled up. He booked it again this year, but I know I'm not going to be able to physically handle it, and that makes me so sad. Instead, we're offering it to my son and his wife. Losing the ability to do more and more things can be really depressing, but I work hard at keeping a positive attitude through prayer, and being mindful of all I still can do. In fact, I recently challenged the women in my Facebook group to create an "I Can Do" list. Something they can pull out to remind themselves of what they can do when life threatens to overwhelm them. Some things on my "I Can Do" list are: • I can see, even if it's with glasses. • I can walk, albeit slowly and at times with a walker. • I can hear and enjoy conversation, and listen to music. •
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  1. Pamula Furness says:

    I’d LOVE to be able to get paid for what I CAN do too! I produce highly colourful little canvases, write poetry and the odd story, plus I can sing. Your article has inspired me, so thank you for that. Wish me luck, as I seek somewhere to sell!

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