Kratom Concerns: FDA Warning, Deadly Risks Outweigh Potential

Kratom Concerns: FDA Warning, Deadly Risks Outweigh Potential

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Editor’s Note: A number of readers responded strongly and negatively to this column, including some who have clearly used kratom and found it to be of benefit. BioNews respects and welcomes readers’ comments, including those that disagree with opinions expressed by its columnists. But it cannot and will not voice support for unapproved medications that are the subject of an FDA public health advisory (noting kratom’s use as an opioid alternative and to treat pain). We, and our writers, will continue to advise against any medication with “significant safety issues associated with its use.” If readers do choose to use such a medication, we recommend that they do so under medical guidance.

If you visit Facebook groups for fibromyalgia or chronic pain, you probably see posts from warriors who use kratom for pain relief. I read so much about it online and considered it a potential option. But then I came across a warning from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States issued Nov. 14, 2017.

The FDA warns to consumers of “deadly risks” associated with the herb. The warning raises serious concerns about kratom and whether it is a safe alternative for relief of fibromyalgia symptoms.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia (primarily Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Thailand), but is also found in some areas in Africa. The tree’s leaves produce the drug. It is said to have similar effects as opiates. The leaves can be dried and made into powders or tea. It is sold in various forms including capsules, tablets, paste, tea, etc.

People use it for chronic pain relief as well as for withdrawal symptoms from heroin and other opiates. Some use it for recreational purposes. 

Kratom’s active ingredients are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These alkaloids are said to have pain-relieving qualities and may reduce inflammation and relax muscles, which is why FM warriors are attracted to it.

But along with the warning issued, the FDA is also working to prevent the import of it into the United States. Getting your hands on this herb, if you feel the deadly risks are worth the potential reward, is only becoming more difficult. It is already either illegal or regulated in the District of Columbia, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arkansas, Vermont and Tennessee. A few cities — including Denver, Sarasota and San Diego — have banned it as well. It is also a no-no in Thailand, Australia, Burma, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Romania, Sweden, Myanmar and Vietnam, and it is regulated in a few others. Yes, a couple of its countries of origin banned it!

There are negative effects ranging from minor and annoying to life-threatening. It can cause serious issues if taken with alcohol or other drugs. Kratom interacts with the liver’s metabolization of medications, which can lead to dangerous medical conditions, including seizures or liver damage. High doses of kratom may cause nausea, itching and constipation. Driving while using it can be dangerous because of the drowsiness it can cause.

According to, kratom is physically addictive. As kratom use has grown in the United States and worldwide, so have reports of people becoming dependent or addicted to the herb. 

I understand how a warrior can become so desperate for relief that he or she will resort to almost anything. But after considering all of these factors, I feel the risks far outweigh any potential benefit. Concerns about the side effects and possible dependency are enough to keep me far away from kratom. 


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  1. Bryce says:

    Kratom gave me my life back. It’s the only thing that has ever helped. It helped with pain and opiate withdrawal but it doesn’t turn me into a stoned zombie. I went from almost being homeless to now being back in school and working. A Kratom ban would ruin lives. Alcohol and tobacco kill people all the time but no one talks about banning those. I’m not hurting anyone drinking Kratom tea and I’m happy for the first time since I discovered Kratom. I’m not a drain on society anymore and my family doesn’t hate being around me. Opiates are far more dangerous than Kratom but Kratom should definitely be treated with respect.

    • Mark Twain says:

      You mention that the countries of origin have banned it. Not exactly. They’ve “taken it off the marked not because of “deadly results” as there have been exactly “0” as a result of kratom leaf by itself. More people have died of peanuts and aspirin (way more). They removed it for sale due to it bringing in more tax money (in Thailand) than opiates. They are about to reverse that. The whole thing is “Kratom Madness” exactly what happened with cannabis (by opiate addicted Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his best friend and dealer (America’s first drug czar) Henry Anslinger.

      Perhaps it might help to do some research before writing such an important article. Nobody is dying from kratom, the only real alternative to opiates that works as well and does not cloud one’s head, tear families apart, nor kill people. It is absolutely non-addictive. Studies have been done for centuries in SE Asia and Thailand. It has important medical uses (also a study at Ole Miss) shows it is an ideal alternative with better results to get people off opiates with minimal discomfort than what rehabs offer.

      But of course it does not sell ads so we won’t hear much of the real story unless there happens to be some journalists with backbones who are not intimidated by the liars who profit from killing us. Shame on you, and them.

    • Devin says:

      Some of my friends are only able to keep their job because of Kratom’s anti-anxiety effects. I’m glad it has helped you so much, and thanks for sharing your experience! Kratom is not dangerous, you have to ingest an absurd amount to have a dangerous overdose. I’ve been a kratom user for about a year, and it has helped me so much too!

    • Beth O. says:

      I agree. The dangers in this article are true of almost all meds used for pain. If anything, kratom is the least dangerous, least addicting thing I’ve ever taken for my severe chronic pain. I’ve been dealing with this pain for 20 years, and since I started taking kratom 4 years ago, I’ve felt better than any year before, when I was on prescription opiates. The FDA and DEA are only trying to ban kratom because they don’t want big pharma to have competition when it comes to opiates (similar to how weed was banned all those years ago so it wouldn’t compete with big tobacco).

  2. frank Palacios says:

    Who is paying you to write lies the research has been done kratom is not dangerous more than half of them people who died used imodium ad to try to get high and died as a result! They used kratom to get the imodium past the blood bain barrier and died from the imodium not the kratom!

    What is loperamide?
    “It’s a weak opioid agonist that doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier very well,” Dr Wetsman says. “It’s meant to treat diarrhea by stimulating the opioid receptors of the gut without affecting the opioid receptors in the brain.”

  3. Justin Franklin says:

    So the authors entire source for her information is the FDA….that’s rich. The FDA, the same organization that approves countless pharmaceutical chemical concoctions that now account for more deaths from overdose annually than all “illegal drugs” combined. A real journalist, at the very least, researches and reports on both sides of the subject, otherwise the “story” is nothing more than one sided, government propaganda. Thousands of people with fibromyalgia use kratom to find relief from their condition, safely and effectively everyday in the US, and without the sometimes debilitating side effects found in many prescription drugs. Kratom is not some new substance. Its been used for decades in the US and centuries in other parts of the world. I really suggest, that if you consider yourself to be a journalist, try researching both sides of the subject your supposedly reporting on next time, because this article is nothing short of a farce

  4. Brian says:

    Kratom helps millions of Americans every day. I can understand why the head of the FDA, who was a member of GlaxoSmithKline’s product investment board would want to paint the Kratom plant in a bad light. I would suggest anyone considering using Kratom to to their own research online. Or take this Author’s words for it, for example, ” It can cause serious issues if taken with alcohol or other drugs.” What substance doss not?
    Many critics of Kratom plant attempt villainize its use when combines with other substances. Reason being Kratom is about as dangerous as coffee when used exclusively.

  5. Joseph Baker says:

    I agree with Bryce. Kratom gave me my life back as well. I have Severe Crohns Disease, which hasnt been very responsive to any medicine i have been prescribed. Kratom is the only thing I have ever tried that will reduce the inflammation and ease the pain of the crohns. It doesnt seem to have any physically addictive properties that I see even after heavy use, side effects only present after large doses and the worst thing that happens is i get kinda sleepy. This herb can be of tremendous benefit to one with crohns or other inflammatory or digestive issues and I am proof of it. As far as it being deadly goes, look into it and you will find that the 36 deaths attributed to kratom all had other life threatening substances in their systems as well. Research also shows that while it hits opiate receptors, it does not hit the addictive parts of the brain that traditional opiates hit [the vice show pharmocopeia with hamilton morris shows this directly in a study they do with rats], giving it tremendous potential for pain relief in todays opiate addicted world. Its also got potential to get people off opiates by easing withdrawal symptoms while itself not exhibiting any signs of physical addiction. There is evidence available to back everything I say. Please do not let propaganda articles like this play off public fear, there is a lot of misinformation being spread by the DEA/FDA at the moment being made on baseless claims. look into what kratom is and what it does to help people and make a decision for yourself on whether you feel it should be banned. the actual science speaks for itself, articles like this just play off public fear for clicks, there is little research here.

  6. Geri Roberts says:

    If you did some more research you will find that the FDA has published out right lies about this useful herb. Kratom does not have “deadly” effects. The only dangerous effects are that it gives people a safe alternate to dangerous medications and thus deprives the opioid recovery industry of monies.

  7. cb says:

    There are no life threatening side effects of Kratom. The FDA is putting out propaganda on a plant that is saving lives and breaking people away from opiates. In every single one of the 36 deaths they propose were due to kratom, other substances were present, 33% of them being illegal narcotics, and in several the cause of death was even suicide and a gunshot wound in one. This medicinal plant has been used for thousands of years with no deaths directly caused by it, and is as benign as coffee, the plant it is related to.

  8. Ben says:

    So weed is fine, but kratom isn’t? Kratom is just as safe as weed. I use it 3 out of the 7 days of the week recreationally for the past 3 months, and I’m completely fine. I recently ran out of it for about 2 weeks, and do you know what happened? Nothing, because the FDA is full of garbage. Please stop posting this nonsense.

  9. Melissa Gallinetti says:

    Kratom absolutely saved my life. I have been a kratom consumer for about four years and I have absolutely no side effects. If I stop taking it the only withdrawal I feel is I feel the terrible pain that it would be relieving. I was able to stop taking all of my prescriptions for fibromyalgia and periodic movement disorder. My IBS is well controlled now. I am able to work as a nurse and take care of my family. I still need a little help with my housework but I was unable to even take care of myself before I found Kratom. I would absolutely choose kratom over prescription medications any day. It is safe and natural and there have been no deaths that have been proven to be a result of kratom. You can’t overdose on it. If you take to much you will throw it up. If we lose Kratom, my life is over. I will not be able to work and I can’t go back to the pain and suffering that my life was before Kratom. Please do more research, read the BEA kratom book and the report from the peer review of the so called kratom deaths for the truth.

  10. T.K. says:

    I would like to point out a few things as well as some resources that can help people form a more accurate opinion. First off, Kratom has never killed anyone. The deaths the FDA cites ALL involved much much harder substances most of which can cause death by themselves; tramadol, SSRI’s, large amounts of opiates… and the list goes on. A number of these deaths also involved persons in extremely poor health and several were self reported by family members, not medical professionals. Nick Wing of Huffington post, whose tireless reporting has exposed a number of huge flaws in FDA’s arguments, submitted numerous freedom of information act request (FOIA) to the FDA and was either stonewalled or given information on only some of the ‘deaths’, wherein FDA could not even back these up using their own system and guidelines.

    From personal experience I have used Kratom daily for nine years. I am in excellent health and have never experienced anything besides an amazing feeling of well being. During that time I have taken Wellbutrin, A drug known to dramatically lower but human seizure threshold hence the risk of seizures while taking this drug go up significantly, yet I have never experienced a seizure or any symptoms indicative of a seizure. The entire time I have also taken Kratom. Kratom does not cause respiratory depression, as opiates do; it does not cause negative cardiovascular issues; (my blood pressure is excellent). If my own personal experience is not enough I would encourage you, or any readers of this, to visit the following link and read any one of the 23,000 comments for additional insight; 99% of these reports positive sentiment about Kratom. ( These comments not only come from those who take Kratom, but also from doctors and other medical professionals. Over the course of the last few months since the FDA has made its comments there has been a massive response by the Kratom community as well as medical professionals, politicians and family members of patients who have all further debunked the FDAs claims, which are mostly based on conjecture and manipulated data, not science or fact. Kratom has helped me live a quality of life I would not otherwise know and my wife, who suffers from constant pain, can actually get out of bed in the morning, because of how Kratom has helped her. Aside from what some consider an awful taste, I can find nothing bad to say about Kratom. There are millions of people who benefit from this plant and every time it is needlessly (and baselessly) slandered, their well-being is jeopardized.

    If you don’t believe me, believe the thousands of others like me; if you don’t believe them, believe the science; if you don’t believe the science, then perhaps your logic is in line with the FDA, who I have lost all faith in.

  11. Sean says:

    There’s no evidence for anything in this textual shart of a propaganda piece.

    No one has ever died from kratom, the people who had it in their systems at the time of death were taking ridiculous doses of Benzodiazepines, among other drugs. The FDA, like the DEA, has a vested interest keeping in the prescription of *actual* life-threatening opiates such as Fentanyl and Oxycontin to patients as the status quo. To claim that Kratom has similar effects to these drugs is akin to claiming that coffee has similar effects to methamphetamine because both come with increased energy.

    Kratom does not come “laced with other opioids”, this is abject nonsense. There are countless reputable vendors all over the internet, without a single incident of selling anything but the listed product. For an agency that considers drugs that amount to prescription heroin to be “safe treatments” to be pushing this propaganda is as offensive as it is transparent.

    Next time, do some actual research before posting garbage like this.

  12. Vince Brooks says:

    Challenge to all these reporters who write stories about kratom: Instead of quoting some lying government entity who is controlled by Big Pharma money, why don’t you try some yourself? People that actually use the plant know it’s as tame as coffee. What are you afraid of? Finding out all the lying hype you espouse is really just a bunch of….. ?

  13. Forbidden Fruit (@BannedintheUSSA) says:

    Kratom kills pain in a similar manner to how opioids work, but with one major distinction: it doesn’t cause respiratory depression, which is the major cause of death among opiate users. I understand if kratom isn’t right for you personally–it has the potential for physical dependence & isn’t without side effects. But please don’t rely on the FDA’s scare tactics to guide your decision.

    Scott Gottlieb–head of the FDA’s war on kratom–used to work for Cephalon: the company that manufactures fentanyl lollipops. That conflict of interest makes it impossible for him to be a reliable source of information on kratom, a substance that can’t be patented in its whole form & is of no use to pharma…and is even HURTING their bottom line by reducing the use of Rx drugs like painkillers, addiction medicines, antidepressants & many others.

    Oh, and those “36 deaths” the media is attributing to kratom? Never happened. Every single one involved other drugs or serious underlying health conditions. See for yourself:

  14. Jetti Willett says:

    Their are no “deadly” risks to taking Kratom. This plant helped with my pain much better than the deadly, very addictive pain medicine, oxycodone. The FDA claims 30 some people have died with Kratom in their systems, however they will not release information about these people. Thousands of people die each year with legal opiates in their system. This plant is actually saving and giving people back their lives Please do some research for yourselves, do not take anyone’s word for it…..ask people, read articles… Finding Kratom was a real blessing. I’m a 55 year old grandmother in a great deal of pain ….I took a popular antibiotic (Cipro and levaquin) and they destroyed my body. Chronic pain sufferers know nothing will take away all the pain but Kratom does a better job than anything else I have tried and the best part is I do not feel drugged…after 5 years on prescription opiate pain medicine… I finally have my emotions back and can interact with my family again. I’m sure Kratom isn’t for everyone but I’m sure glad I looked into it.

  15. Collin says:

    This is a poorly researched article.
    “I found a warning from the FDA.”
    Zero of the deaths attributed to kratom by government agencies show clear and convincing evidence that kratom bears the responsibility.
    Scare-mongering with limited and weak research.

  16. Devin says:

    Kratom is not really, the FDA is very wrong here. It should definitely be treated with respect, but it is EXTREMELY safe compared to most drugs, especially opioids. Please put more research into it before misleading your readers.

  17. Kay says:

    Kratom also gave me my life back. Drs pushed all sorts of prescription meds and all those did was make me moody, destroyed my teeth, more fatigued and actually didn’t help my fibromyalgia and other chronic pain issues, almost felt like it made it all worse. Kratom has helped me so drastically that it is what I call a miracle. How many people die each day because of opioid prescription misuse? And actually the few deaths that were supposedly by kratom they also were taking many other medications. Also, the articles stating there were over 30 deaths because of kratom is exaggerated. There’s no way to die from an overdose of kratom. The body will expel through vomiting if one takes too much. And like the other commenter what about alcohol deaths and yep tobacco use? Kratom helps millions through the many symptoms of Fibromyalgia and it really would ruin lives if it gets banned.

  18. Geri Roberts says:

    I do have fibromyalgia and kratom is the only thing that has helped it. It should be available to those who wish to use it. There is no evidence that it is any more harmful than coffee or aspirin.

  19. Randolph Lee says:

    ‘But then I came across a warning from the FDA…’
    Is that really all it took to come to this conclusion?
    Bryce is right, and kratom has given back a real quality of life to untold numbers of individuals.
    In the time that I have been using it I have managed to graduate from university, pass my educator exams, find a new job, move halfway across the country and start this new career, and maintain a healthy, relatively pain-free active lifestyle!
    Just like Bryce, my family loves being around me…and further, the desire for alcohol is zero!!!
    I sincerely hope this herb remains legal and available for the good of myself and others.

  20. Cameron says:

    You have been seriously misinformed. This is exactly what they want. Bad publicity. Trust me, keatom doesn’t kill and has no deadly risks. You can learn more at the American kratom association. All deaths (36) with kratom found other drugs in their system. The FDA is sponsored by big pharma and kratom hurts their profits a lot so they want it GONE and they spread misinformation! This is the truth. Kratom is harmless (though yes it can be addictive). Please don’t contribute to the lies… Also bare in mind how many people die form opiates every day, kratom saves their lives. They want people hooked on pain pills. The FDA is as corrupt as the FCC. Legal medicines (even aspirin) kill countless people each year yet they make a fuss over 36 deaths (which are all false anyways). Please do your research and learn more. The FDA is lying to you.

  21. Cameron says:

    Omg reading this is painful. The reasons the country of origin like Thailand banned was because it was getting people off of opium! How do you not know this?! It’s common knowledge. There’s videos on it with evidence etc. It was destroying the opium trade in Thailand many years ago. They are already thinking about lifting the ban and probably will. Also, you realize (that despite your little list of countries) that means it’s still legal in %90 of the world. In Thailand, people use it all the time including police who look the other way. Here in Canada, it will remain legal since this is a progressive country. We even legalized heroin for addicts (which prevent deaths) and marijuana. Kratom is being demonized and you bought right into it.

  22. Eric says:

    You should be ashamed for spreading lies. All you are doing is helping our corrupt government take away a medicine given to us by God to help us, simply because it’s taking away from their opiate profits. It should be up to us, and us alone whether we want to use an herb that helps us. If the Government had it’s way, we would have to rely on them for every aspect of our existence. THAT’S NOT A REALITY I WANT TO LIVE IN.

  23. Christopher Meegan says:

    This is exactly the brain washed type thinking that is why our country is in such decay. Stop being a sheeple and think for yourselves. You do not have to suffer or waste all of your time and money on a medical industry that does not have your best interest in mind. Obviously the writer has not done her research before puking up this garbage. I have taken Kratom for years and know countless others that do for many different reasons. Not one of them has ever had any major negative effects, (and I take almost 60 grams a day). I was literally spending all my extra money on insurance and the doctors and the system drastically failed me. Oh and if it so “deadly” why are the pharma companies making synthetic versions. Kratom is anti-viral, and helps with more than just pain. No wonder they want it schedule one, it is all about the money in the pockets of the same people who keep us enslaved. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS UNEDUCATED GARBAGE. My body is my choice and I can say first hand I feel better than I have in the past 20 years, I personally do not agree with murdering un-born children but that is still legal. FREEDOM OF CHOICE, the hipocracy is astounding, but not as astounding as the fact that because some “Big Pharma” lap-dog writes and article that thousand of sheeple will believe the trash it says. More people die from Tylenol every year than EVER IN HISTORY from Kratom. Benjamin Franklin said,”They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” Seriously people, be free again and do not listen to the “brainwashing lies”. KRATOM IS A MIRACLE BAR NONE, and that is the only reason that the government wants to ban it…

  24. David says:

    Please read the FDA’s report. Any literate person can see that the conclusions they draw from 36 cases spanning five years are ones of correlation not causation. You bought the propaganda hook-line-sinker.

  25. Luke Raymond says:

    Ridiculous. The FDA’s case is very misleading. Kratom by itself has never been shown to have killed anyone. Compared to the stuff doctors overprescribe on a daily basis, this stuff is little more than a calming tea. (Of course, it is always best to treat any substance with respect and caution.) I won’t even depress readers by describing the horrors of my Prozac prescription, but last year I was drinking a fifth a day and beginning to experience serious physical damage. Now I am sober, and I can credit kratom with really helping me through the process. It takes away my cravings, and also helps considerably with my social anxiety (and anxiety in general). Any side effects are negligible compared to those I was experiencing from the alcohol. And if some people just take it recreationally, well, it’s a boost to the day that’s effective, but that doesn’t destroy your life and slowly kill you like the alternative the gallant government has deemed acceptable.

  26. Cash says:

    Oh my, look at that scary, scary kratom plant. The ominous, sickening leaves on that thing! That demonic green and red tint that makes it so easy to identify the SCOURGE that is kratom. It’s terrifying, it’s horrible, pure evil! That plant with sedative effects and great therapeutic potential is after the fiber of American morality itself! We have to stop people from trying this stuff even once! We have to stop it, before too many people receive a miraculous level of relief with one of the best benefit-to-risk ratios of ANY known treatment currently available. We need to act now, people, before people start feeling better without the risk of mental and physical disease caused by freely-given narcotic pharmaceuticals!

    And God forbid we do some unbiased research about Kratom’s therapeutic potential. Let’s make sure we demonize it as quickly and as irrationally as possible, and if any research *is* conducted, let’s make sure it’s funded by big pharma or some other institution that will pay to have the results slanted *against* kratom.

    Let’s treat kratom as stupidly as we treated Cannabis, with as much ignorance and hysteria as we had in the 1930’s towards another plant with ridiculous healing potential. Let’s schedule it with heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine!! In fact, let’s schedule it as even *worse* than cocaine, since the toxic effects of cocaine are less stigmatized due to its use in high-class social circles. We must spread the word about the dangers of kratom before it ruins this country and infects our youth!!!

    Obviously, I’m joking. It’s no Screwtape Letters, but I hope you can see my point here in playing advocate for the fools that are terrified of this plant that is greatly effective in providing relief and therapy for people for a variety of conditions…

    Anyway, I have faith in the American people to do the right thing. I’m not too worried about this anti-kratom propaganda gaining headway… while I do expect the propagandists to double up their efforts, kratom proponents will do the same. There will always be a balance, but hopefully the balance tips in favor of the people whose lives are basically being saved by kratom.

  27. KcFlower says:

    Carrie, please listen to the people in these comments… I know your heart is in the right place, but you haven’t thought this true, and to publish an article like this which wrongfully demonizes this plant, that’s not a very ethical thing to do.

    There’s nothing wrong with being wrong, as long as you can admit it. But if you are helping to make the kratom issue more problematic, i.e. helping the DEA and FDA and pharmaceutical companies spread their misinformation… you’re potentially hurting a lot of people who consider kratom to be a Godsend for their functionality, productivity, and overall quality of life.

    If that doesn’t weigh on your conscience, I don’t think you really understand the issue. So please do some more research… this plant is literally related to the coffee plant and you’re making it sound much worse than it is.

    Comment Disclaimer: Kratom CAN be used irresponsibly. Like anything in the adult world, you have to apply some level of moderation and avoid abusing the benefits of the plant. Eventually, you will hit a point of diminishing returns with this

    Article Disclaimer: The Kratom ban in Thailand is a result of Thailand having one of the strictest and ineffective drug laws in the entire world. These drug laws have caused an absolute, ongoing DISASTER that has deeply undermined Thailand’s primary economy by empowering Thailand’s black market. This strengthens illegal drug trade and thus hard drug use and deaths, violent crimes, human trafficking, prostitution (including child prostitution) etc.. So please know the nuance before you draw the conclusion… human lives are quality of life are literally at stake with this misinformation.

  28. Deadly risks? You clearly didn’t do your research. There is absolutely nothing to indicate “deadly” risks from kratom use. It’s a shame too, people could be helped but you choose to fear monger and hey I guess it worked. It’s driving traffic to your comment section at least.

  29. What is the use of this article its from someone who has never taken Kratom so her point is useless I take Kratom daily for my fibromyalgia and other reasons it makes it possible for me to function a little all of the meds I have taken in the right at caused me a lot of harm suicidal episode and lots of things I was taking this med to help with the side affects of another so when all was said n done I was on 10+ different meds and felt terrible now I only take Kratom if you don’t want to take it I respect that but please respect my decision also

  30. A Tax Paying Citizen says:

    If Kratom really is so dangerous, then what are some cases proving it? Where and/or what are the articles published online backing the thought that kratom is dangerous or life-threatening. Is the FDA omniscient? What they say goes? No room for research and rebuttal? Even if there were harmful side-effects, who’s saying that every person’s body is the same? Everyone’s body will react to kratom the same exact way? Why would it be dangerous for everyone? Wouldn’t there have already been many different forms of publications proving the dangers of kratom if it really was dangerous? Alcohol warnings are all over the place, as well as tobacco. Asia has the largest population of people in the world, which is home to kratom. Wouldn’t there be enough reported cases from people of Asia who came across kratom? And if there are, what’re the conclusions of these reports? Did they not report anything because there were no dangers? Wouldn’t they report their findings if it meant helping or saving other humans? Why are FDA-biased people/groups posting negative articles on kratom? There’s literally not one benefit? What’s the FDA’s agenda- money? Are they making money off of kratom? No. So what business would the FDA have supporting kratom if they weren’t profiting off of it? They wouldn’t have any- so maybe their agenda is to take action that’ll get them money from this plant, or remove it completely as a form of “eliminating the competition”. Maybe the FDA’s greed of money is the driving force behind many peoples’ negative thoughts on kratom- it’s brain-washing.

  31. Chris Meegan says:

    So lets hear it author I am the consensus seems pretty unanimous that you should have done your homework. Just read more testimonials they literally make me tear up and with everything I have been through that is not easy. “Kratom Saves Live”, bar none. Yes it can be addicting but as for me and millions of others addiction is inevitable. The fact is it is miniscule to the options out their and with mine and many others chronic pain or addictive personality syndromes that is just a fact of life. I have quit drinking, pills, and every other drug known to man after years of abuse with this one simple herb. Not to mention I have fixed my relationships, financials, and been able to come back to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Chris now that I do not hate the world and myself. The lord and I both know without his miracle herb I would be dead or in prison. My own mother who is against every substance including marijuana even signed the petition based on just how much of a difference she could see in me with the help of Kratom. SO LETS SEE A UNBIASED AND LESS BRAINWASHED ARTICLE TO FOLLOW UP. Either you were wrong which is OK, or you are getting paid by the medical industry and deserve nothing but spite.

  32. JB says:

    I find your disclaimer disingenuous at best that because it is not FDA approved it cannot be supported for your readers. When CBD oil is a FDA unapproved substance and accordingly “has no proven medical use or value” and is still considered a schedule 1 drug…right up there with heroin, yet is touted in your articles. Kratom has been widely tested and peer reviewed science to dismiss the FDA allegations, yet you parrot them as your opinion. You are not doing yourselves or readers any favors.

  33. Chris says:

    Here is something to chew on, TRAMADOL HAS KILLED 212 people in the US alone in an 8 year period alone. Though that is the pain pill al the doctors seem to be pushing and it is no where near a schedule 1 narcotic which is what the FDA and DEA would like to make Kratom. Kratom is what supposedly 36 and most of those had substantial amounts of other various narcotics in their system! Sounds pretty safe to me considering the options. These facts are based on the CDC and WHO’s own data. “Huh, I wonder why the FDA is not worried about those deaths”?… OMG I have it!… Because the FDA is funded by the pharmaceutical companies who literally pay the FDA’s paychecks. Kratom however is going to cut in to the FDA’s money because it is that much more effective, safe , and guess what it is super cheap so you still have money for groceries and gas.

  34. Chris Meegan says:

    OH and as for my comment earlier I only use 60 grams a day on days my pain is very severe not all the time. That would be over a 24 hour period when the pain wakes me at night and is unbearable in the day. Should have been more specific the point was I have downed a lot of Kratom in times of need and nothing, maybe a little prune juice to balance the body out and never any side effects,(usually 20-30 grams a day is plenty). Guess what else, I do not have withdraw from severely limiting my dose the next day either, opiates however, cut your dose by to much and you will withdraw.

  35. foxxy says:

    The author of this article is just spitting out the same propaganda that the FDA has printed. There’s nothing about how kratom has helped so many lives. There’s risks in everything. One must do their homework.

    I will continue to fight to keep kratom legal for the millions who have discovered this botanical to aid in their wellbeing and health. As adults we have the right to ingest what we want. What is it to them if I decide to drink a cup of tea? Banning kratom would cause more lives to be lost when those who can not find relief from the issues they first seeked out kratom to begin with.

    No one wants to talk about the deaths that over the counter products cause. Over 450 deaths a year to Tylenol alone. That’s much higher than kratom deaths-which is ZERO. There’s no record of deaths by kratom exclusively. In fact there’s scientific evidence that there is no way to overdose on kratom-instead one gets obstructive intestines=like the mice studied at Ole Mississippi.

    I say leave kratom legal and let the adults decide for themselves how they want to pursue herbs and botanicals. It’s not the government’s job to dictate our lives. Nor is it anyone else’s.

  36. Glen LeBarr says:

    I started taking kratom 5 months ago & it’s positive affects on my fibromyalgia & excellent. I rarely have to take prescripition meds an more….it’s a miracle plant! doesn’t make me high, it makes me feel “normal”

  37. CR says:

    I would just like to chime in that I appreciate the author taking the time to acknowledge the concerns of those who have and continue to use kratom. I am one of those and I write this just to add my voice to others who have (respectfully) disagreed.

    If there are those who are crude or insulting, remember that our CHOICE is being taken away from us “for our own good” but realistically due to whatever sinister reasoning the mind could conjure. It is that choice that is all that we ask and should be a part of the American Dream. The reasoning for such an outcry against articles like these is not that they don’t raise some salient points, but that it uses dubious measures of what should be available and what shouldn’t. As if the illegality of a plant in a country that made it illegal in order to continue to profit from opium or fears the mixture of kratom with other drugs is a reason to make it illegal here. Mixing alcohol with MANY things will cause problems. Polypharmacy is a very real issue even without the benefit of the “Kratom Boogeyman”. Yes, it is important to be careful and to be knowledgeable, but we are not fighting just for knowledge. We are fighting every single day against government-initiated propaganda to remove more and more choices from Americans. That alone should be enough to take serious pause at articles such as these.

  38. Albert T. says:

    Using citations from which is a rehab directory site is borderline journalism at best and disturbing at least since they are connected to norconon (not to be confused with narconon, or is it meant to be confused?) which is the scientology section for rehab and drug information…I would question why a reputable news site would be quoting a website using scientology to direct their readership.

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