7 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Living With a Chronic Illness

It's no surprise that sometimes people say things they don't want to — or mean to. Especially when they're talking to someone with a disease like fibromyalgia, that is not fully understood by those who don't live with it. Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness, and chronic illnesses affect around 133 million Americans. To help you learn more about what you shouldn't say to chronically ill people, we've put together this list of seven things you should never say (source: healthline.com): 1.  "You look fine! You don't look sick at all!" Again, just because you don't see the disease, doesn't mean it's not there. How someone's feeling may not be visible, but that doesn't mean they don't feel extremely tired, that they don't end up exhausted by climbing a few stairs, or that they don't feel sick to their stomach. Even a fever can be "invisible." It's totally normal for patients to suffer from symptoms that stop them from doing what other people do, even though those symptoms may not show. MORE: Discover 10 tips to help you through cold and flu season.  2. "I'm so sorry for you!" Pity is something that may come with comments from people who are completely unaware of what the disease actually is. The unknown is something that could be extremely dangerous — and scary. When people are trying to be nice and trying to empathize, they can express pity as a way to try and connect. Most of the time, people don't know how to address health conditions and simply don't know what to say. Let's be honest: patients would rather hear something like, "I'm here for you" or "You can count on me" as opposed to people saying they're sorry, right? 3. "I'm sure things will get better!" Sometimes you'll want to be nice, so you'll say something that seems fine in you
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  1. Tracy Queen says:

    I trust everyone suffering with Fibro will have a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year along with all those who care for us.

    • Cyndi Condrey says:

      Thank you not only for posting this, but for the holiday greetings as well. May God bless you and your family this holiday season and the entire next year through.
      I also have a very hard time explaining to people exactly what Fibro is. And Lupus. Any suggestions? They just don’t get it… or DON’T WANT TO TRY. I’m not sure which. 😒

      • bernice says:

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