11 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia You Might Want to Know About

According to prevention.com, there are 20 million people worldwide who suffer from fibromyalgia and many more who may be experiencing symptoms but have not yet been diagnosed.

Here are 11 of the most common symptoms associated with fibromyalgia:

1. Pain
The number one symptom is global pain. Fibromyalgia is a disorder that affects the central nervous system and this manifests as acute pain, mainly in the arms, legs and torso but the pain can be felt over the entire body and deep into the muscles and joints.

2. Exhaustion
Being in so much pain usually means that it’s difficult to get to sleep at night and that sleep is disturbed due to the pain. Because of this, fibromyalgia patients often experience extreme exhaustion and fatigue.

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3. Acute sensitivity
Fibromyalgia patients are often acutely sensitive to light, touch, heat, cold, and sound and may find these much more painful to bear than non-sufferers.

4. Depression
It will come as no surprise that if you’re in constant pain and feeling exhausted all the time, then you are more likely to suffer from depression and mood swings.

5. Changes to skin appearance
Fibromyalgia patients often report swelling of the skin, red or blueish blotches, hives and other skin complaints.

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6. Brain fog
This is a very common symptom for fibromyalgia patients. Brain fog is when you find it extremely difficult to concentrate, remember things, retain information and even find the right words in a conversation. Brain fog severity is usually linked to the severity of pain suffered.

7. Headaches
Fatigue and lack of sleep can often lead to debilitating headaches. Between 50 percent and 70 percent of fibromyalgia patients report experiencing frequent migraines.

8. Issues with balance
Many fibromyalgia patients say they often feel dizzy, as though they are going to fall or lose their balance. They may also experience difficulty walking.

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9. GI problems
Problems with diarrhea, constipation, stomach ache, excess gas, bloating, feeling sick, and acid reflux are all very common symptoms in fibromyalgia patients.

10. Stiff joints
Stiff joints, particularly when getting out of bed in the morning is also a common sign of fibromyalgia.

11. Excess sweating
Excess sweating or sweating in unusual parts of the body can also be a sign or symptom of fibromyalgia.

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    • Maryanne Marshall says:

      You certainly are not alone…I find it interesting the more I learn, the more I realize I have had fibro since childhood. The sweating, stomach problems and pain, etc
      I remember being told, oh its just growing pains. Thankful they have learned more since then. I am 73 yes old, and know life is so hard dealing with fibromyalgia.

  1. Bebi says:

    Hello’ can anyone tell me if they (women) have had issues with their Genitalia, as part of Fibromyalgia? I am trying to decide if this is “just another issue” of Fibro, or is it something that I need to have checked out. It involves severe itching/stinging, pain on intercourse, and basically another rather annoying and debilitating health problem. I have seen my Gynae re same back 4 years ago, and he thought he had the answer/treatment, but alas, No. Any answers would be greatly appreciated, as I am getting to my wit’s end. Thankyou

    • G G Ford says:

      At the Wasser Pain clinic in Toronto Ontario. They actually address this issue and yes it can and is one of the fibro problems. I do but didn’t at the time have this issue. My advice is to see a Fibro specialist for this painful sensitive issue .

    • Mary-Carol Schley says:

      I have the same problem. I figured out that I am allergic to formaldehyde which is in everything including toilet paper. It is also in clothing. I believe formaldehyde allergy is the cause of fibromyalgia.

    • Joan Baxendale says:

      My symptoms are similar but not exact. I have itching and burning and little bumps in the genitalia area. My OBGYN diagnosed it as Lichen Sclerosis. I was really freaked out when I did research and saw some pretty awful photos of this. But she assured me it was controlable with topical medication. I also found out that a large percentage of women who have an auto immune disease/syndrome are more apt to have Lichen Sclerosis or other syndromes.

  2. Abby desantis says:

    There’s a condition called vestibulitis and vulvadinia
    Had this in conjunction with fibro
    Most gynos are not schooled in this
    I would look up on internet to get further details
    Hope this helps

  3. Mary-Carol Schley says:

    My advice is to use the cheapest toilet paper available because it doesn’t have formaldehyde in it. Just do this for a few weeks to find out if you get better. I costs nothing and may help alot.

  4. MLK says:

    For any female Fibromyalgia sufferers with vulvodynia (painful genitalia or intercourse) please try the medical marijuana product called Foria. If you have a medical marijuana prescription, you can ask Tweed to be one of your licensed providers, they carry Foria (brand is from California). It can help immensely, and the Wasser Pain Management Clinic in Toronto is also aware of this product for this use.

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