7 Reasons Why You Should Exercise With Fibromyalgia

There are many health benefits that come with exercise, and this is just as true for anyone suffering from fibromyalgia. Exercise has been found to help fibro patients in a number of ways, including reducing the frequency and severity of flare-ups. You don't need to start running marathons or lifting heavy weights to experience the positive effects of exercise — start with something gentle and increase your stamina slowly. Pick an exercise you enjoy, that way you're more likely to get into a good routine and want to go out and exercise. MORE: Discover seven things fibromyalgia patients want you to know about the condition  We've put together a list of seven reasons why you should be exercising with fibromyalgia with help from information from practicalpainmanagement.com. 1. To boost energy. It may sound counterproductive to exercise when you have fibromyalgia, but if you can, then you really should. Exercising will help boost your energy levels. According to WebMD, new research has shown that exercise is beneficial for people suffering from chronic illnesses and can increase energy levels and reduce the effects of fatigue. 2. Ease muscle tension and stiffness. Spending too much time sitting or lying down will make muscles tight. Getting up and moving around will help to ease this tension and reduce stiffness. Any light exercise or stretching routine will help in this area. 3. Maintain a healthy weight. Sticking to a regular exercise routine will help you achieve a healthy body weight. This is particularly important if you're overweight. A healthy body weight will help you avoid other health problems which may be compounded by fibromyalgia. MORE: Find out about the four 'Rs' of fibromyalgia treatment 4. The feel-good factor. Ever hea
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  1. Vanessa Gray says:

    Exercising with fibromyalgia is never easy. This is like your body doesn’t want to be moved but you are forcing it on exercises. That cause more pain. Being a chiropractor I think you should better take chiropractic therapies before performing any exercise.

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