Handling Setbacks? Attitude Matters

Handling Setbacks? Attitude Matters
Something we all experience in life is setbacks. From a car accident to the loss of a job, everyone, at some point, will run into a roadblock or a hitch that can leave them reeling. I feel like I am constantly doing the "fibromyalgia cha-cha." Every time I take two steps forward, I end up taking four steps back. Having a chronic illness is like being a human yo-yo. Life seems to send you in 100 different directions, and just when you feel good, something comes along to set the world spinning again. How we handle setbacks makes a huge difference to our overall health. Our response to the stumbling blocks along the way will shape how well we recover. Having a bad attitude only makes our lives miserable. Negativity only breeds more negativity. Now, granted, we all have good reasons to be bitter and angry at times, but living our lives with that mindset will only bring us more of the same. We deal with so many different obstacles, it is hard to have a good attitude, but if we wish to feel better, we need to change our attitudes. There isn’t a lot we can control. I spent most of my adult life feeling totally out of control. I didn’t know what was happening to my body. I was just trying to survive, and I wasn’t doing a very good job. I was suffering greatly and had built up a lot of anger and bitterness. I learned the hard way that the old adage is true: “Life is what you make of it.” I may not be able to control most of what happens in life, but I control how I respond to setbacks. I can choose to be negative or positive. I’ve spent too much time on Negativity Drive. Now I’m cruising down Positively Lane and feeling a lot better, both physically and mentally. Changing how I respond to difficulties and setbacks has made a big difference. Fe
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  1. Mandy says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I couldn’t agree more Carrie! Thank you so much for writing this article because I truly believe that our attitudes, whether positive or negative, have an enormous impact on our health and well-being. When I was first diagnosed after my car accident I felt very down and constantly focused on the pain and what it stopped me from doing. What turned things around for me was taking a Pain Management course at my local community centre, meeting other people also experiencing chronic pain issues and realizing I wasn’t alone. Since then my whole attitude changed and I realized that I have a lot to live for and my life is important! My pain is not what defines me and it doesn’t dominate me either. I am strong and have overcome many difficult trials in my life and this is no different. I tried some medications, but have decided that I don’t like the side effects so I have elected to go a more natural route for my health. Eating well, exercise, chiro, massage, physio. I take pain relievers as needed and CBD tinctures. All of that combined with a positive attitude has improved my life despite the pain. I highly recommend it!!! 😀

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