Day Spas Are Challenging for Fibromyalgia

Day Spas Are Challenging for Fibromyalgia
Christine Tender Points My well-intentioned, loving husband surprised me with a day at the spa for my birthday. It was a luxury I’d been curious about but had never experienced. The place was beautiful. The chandeliers and furnishings were elegant. Soft classical music oozed from the walls. It was the perfect setting for being pampered. A white-coated staff member greeted me upon my morning arrival and escorted me to the dressing room. There I changed from my clothes to the uniform of the day, a comfortable pink cotton robe and matching slippers. I filled out a form disclosing any illnesses and was assured that their staff was familiar with fibromyalgia and would take all necessary precautions. Feeling safe, I chose my lunch from their menu and received my agenda for the day. A clinician escorted me to my first activity. After draping my naked body in warm seaweed, then covering it with even warmer towels, she closed the door behind her and left me alone to ferment (or whatever is supposed to happen). This was a pleasant experience, aside from feeling claustrophobic from being in a windowless room, the first in a series I’d encounter that day. She returned to unwrap me and escort me to the shower where I refused their specially formulated, but highly scented, body washes in favor of an odorless choice. Once my skin was cleansed of green goo, I redressed in my pink robe and proceeded to their outdoor gazebo, the highlight of which was a
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  1. Christine Bahto says:

    “Normal” people have no idea what we go through. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one that can leave a facial/foot and shoulder massage and be bedridden in excruciating pain the next day. I tried it twice to see if the first time was a fluke. It wasn’t! The second time was worse! It’s hard to explain how something that normally makes people feel rested and relax is miserable for us. Thanks for sharing your story Christine (what a great name!)

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