10 Traveling Tips for People With Fibromyalgia

Just because you have a chronic illness doesn’t mean you can’t go and see the world — it just takes a little extra planning. In this video from NewLifeOutlook, fibromyalgia sufferer Jennifer shares her top tips for traveling with the condition.

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Jennifer advises fellow fibromyalgia sufferers to allow plenty of time for packing so that it can be done gradually instead of all at once. She also recommends creating a checklist to ensure travelers don’t forget anything essential, packing items that will help make the journey more comfortable, and packing medications and important documents such as insurance cards and doctors’ information in a separate bag that’s easily accessible.

She suggests eating well and sticking to your regular schedule as much as possible. Restaurants are often inevitable while traveling, but Jennifer advises watching out for trigger foods and talking to your fellow travelers about your nutritional needs ahead of time.

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  1. Karen says:

    My husband and I have taken to cruising. If I’m not feeling well or just need to lie down, I can. There are many types of foods on board that I can eat without issue and if I don’t feel like participating in activities I don’t. We also fly to destinations and stay in a place where we can cook. Again, if I don’t feel like being in the car touring on any given day, I don’t. I wave goodbye to hubby and we’re both smiling.

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