Virtual Reality ‘Exergames’ Enhance Mobility and Ease Fear of Falling, Study Finds

Virtual Reality ‘Exergames’ Enhance Mobility and Ease Fear of Falling, Study Finds
Women with fibromyalgia (FM) were found to improve their mobility skills and balance and have less fear of falling after performing exergames, a form of exercising based on virtual reality, a study shows. The results with 83 FM patients were reported in “Exergames for women with fibromyalgia: a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effects on mobility skills, balance and fear of falling," published in the journal PeerJ. Women with FM who exercise show improved physical function, including balance and mobility skills. This is usually the first approach to FM treatment, which may also involve medication. Some women, however, don't stick with physical activities and need to be motivated with new forms of exercise. Researchers combined physical exercise with virtual reality (VR) to distract from pain and provide an enjoyable alternative to classic exercises. Participants with FM were randomly assigned  to an exercise group or a control group, which did not add exercise to everyday activities. During eight weeks, women in the exercise group participated in several exergames designed by researches and called VirtualEx-FM; the software uses a sensor to follow patients’ movements. VirtualEx-FM provided three environments. One, for aerobic exercise, had women imitate the movements performed by a dance teacher on a video. For practice with posture and coordination, participants interacted with an apple that appeared and disappeared around them. In the third, participants were asked to step on virtual footprints to improve balance. Researchers afterward measured the time part
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  1. Denise Bault says:

    WOW. Exercise helps those with fibromyalgia. ANOTHER GROUNDBREAKING STUDY! Ranks right up there with caffeine helps keep fibromyalgia sufferers awake and ice helps pain. When will we see research money going to actual research that will help us?!

  2. May says:

    WOW! Denise you hit the proverbial nail on the head.I’m also fed up with research or studies that tell us what we already know. Governments all over the world are giving out grants to researchers yet no one can find a cure. I have a researcher in our family and most of the grant money seems to go to their life style.

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