Being a Mom with Fibromyalgia

Being a Mom with Fibromyalgia
As a mom, I know that a fair amount of guilt occurs when you can't attend your son's soccer games or your daughter's ballet recital. While you want to be the best mom for your children, fibromyalgia puts a real crimp in your desire to always be there for your kids. Let's look at some ways to set the guilt aside and be the mom you want within the limitations that you now have. If you can't attend a school or sporting event, have someone record it for you and then watch it together with your children. Show your child how proud you are of him or her, and enjoy the moment together. I know it's not the same as being there, but at least you're creating a memory together. You need to get rid of the guilt that comes from that word “should.” I know that moms are really good at feeling guilty, and FM exacerbates that. I “should” be able to make cookies for that bake sale. I “should” be able to help chaperone that field trip. I “should” be able to take my kids to the park, on a picnic, camping, skiing, or to that coveted birthday party. Throw your “shoulds” where they belong: in the trash. Explain to your child why you can't do a particular activity, but also let them know you will arrange for someone else to do it and that you can't wait to hear all about it. If fibro symptoms have you confined to the bed or sofa, perhaps you can read to your child, have them do homework near you so you can help if needed (or a younger child color while you watch), or enjoy a movie or favorite show together. Your child needs to know without a doubt that they are loved and that you enjoy being with them. Make sure your child understands that although you are sick, it's not a sickness you will die from. Make sure they know it's not because of them; they did nothi
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  1. Cindy McBride says:

    This is all good except for the fact that we don’t “look” sick and our kids and/or husbands think we make up excuses to get out of doing certain things.

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