Fibromyalgia Patients Found to Have Common Viruses

A doctor from Evansville, Indiana, has discovered that fibromyalgia patients are more likely to have several common viruses, which could explain why they go on to develop the condition.

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According to a report on, Dr. David Johnson, who specializes in managing pain, came up with the idea to test his fibromyalgia patients for 17 common viruses. He was surprised to find they tested positive for between three and nine of the viruses. Some of the common viruses were rotavirus, herpes, and Epstein-Barr virus.

Dr. Johnson is hoping treating the viruses with antiviral medications will help fibromyalgia patients with some of the common symptoms associated with the disease such as chronic fatigue, aches, and chills. He says some of his patients are responding well to the treatment. He will also be presenting his findings at the upcoming San Antonio American Academy of Pain Management conference.

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  1. Denise Bault says:

    I’ve thought it was viral in origin all along! Hope this research puts us on the right path to a cure…

  2. Sandra says:

    Um…I hate to point this out but there have been docs working from the ‘virus’ aspect with their Fibro patients as long as I can remember. I became disabled from Fibro in 1997. When I really began to investigate, I was finding docs all over online talking about the viral aspect as a possibility and they were treating it from that standpoint. They were called Charlatans by mainstream docs.

  3. Sheila Taipale says:

    What are the 9 common viruses. I already have been diagnosed with recurring HHV6 and EBV, but need to know the others so I can ask my doctor about treatment. Also, more info about the actual effects of the anti viral treatment should be given. This is a teaser article w/o enough information for a patient (I’ve been sick with FM almost all my life and I’ll be 78 in a few seeks) to use to get treatment. Please advise your readers.

  4. Dale says:

    You indicated 6-9 viruses but only mentioned 3. Could you please share the others so we might be ask our doctors to test us. And what are the best anti treatments ?
    Thank you

  5. Tamika says:

    Virtually everyone has the herpes simplex 1 virus, and infection usually by age 6. This is hardly news, unless it’s herpes simplex 2, which is much more of a problem. This article does not clarify which.

  6. Kenneth says:

    Hsv-1, hsv-2, Hpv, Hhv-6 (varicella), hhv-4, hhv-5, hhv-7, hhv-8. Your Dr should know the different types of herpes viruses. If they don’t, find a new Dr. Also, google Dr Pridgen. He’s preparing for Stage 3 clinical trials for a Famvir and celebrex combo drug with much success.

    The most common combo is Famvir and celebrex although alcyxlovir or valtrax will work as well. Most common stands associated with it are hsv-1, hhv-4 (mononucleosis), and hhv-5.

    And yes this is news since the % of individuals with hsv-1 is astronomical and the occurance of fibromyalgia is going up at the same pace.

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