Women with Fibromyalgia Have Worse Balance than Those Without, Study Finds

Women with Fibromyalgia Have Worse Balance than Those Without, Study Finds
Women with fibromyalgia score more poorly on balance tests — especially those performed with their eyes closed — than those without the disease, according to a newly published Brazilian study. The study, “Static postural sway of women with and without fibromyalgia syndrome: A cross-sectional study,” appeared in the journal Clinical Biomechanics. Its authors attribute this worse performance to pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Researchers at the Federal University of São Carlos, in the state of São Paulo, studied 29 women with fibromyalgia and 20 without. All had undergone a balance evaluation and filled out questionnaires on depression, anxiety, sleep quality, pain and fatigue. Scientists evaluated postural sway, or balance, by measuring the body’s behavior during quiet standing. They then asked participants to stand with eyes opened, with eyes closed, and as still as possible for 60 seconds with one foot in front of the other, on both the left and right sides, and with eyes open and eyes closed. They found that women with fibromyalgia had worse postural sway than those without, in all situations. Fibromyalgia women also scored worse in all questionnaires on pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression. “These balance alterations may be an adaptation to the severe pain these patients experience as well as to muscle weakness and other symptoms severity," researchers wrote. "These balance problems may interfere negatively in quality of life and predispose [fibromyalgia] patients to a greater fall risk and physical incapacity." Ac
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  1. Denise Bault says:

    Those of us with fibromyalgia already KNOW we have balance issues. Although this is nice to have it confirmed – again – by another useless study, wouldn’t the research be better directed as to WHY? And to finding a cure? Perhap we’re also “unbalanced” because we’re sick and tired of the run around given on acknowledging this illness and lack of real research for a cure?

    • AnnaHJ says:

      I totally agree that there needs to be more significant research into finding a cure. In the meantime I have found some tablets that really help to reduce the pain http://www.boutique-labrha.com/en/5-fibromyalgia – I take the strong version. I am also on a nightly low dose of amytriptiline to help with the lack of sleep. Look for Dr Ginevra Liptan’s book on Firbromyalgia, it is also really helpful.

  2. James milne says:

    That goes for men as well, sometimes it one step forward three steps back like someone has pushed me, when standing still especially, you would think I had been drinking alcohol and I am teatotal lol.

  3. Joy Boyd Colhoun says:

    I have noticed that my balance is not as it was but put it don to ageing! This is very helpful and interesting information – thank you.

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