Health Leaders Support Chiropractic Treatment at D.C. Industry Briefing

Health Leaders Support Chiropractic Treatment at D.C. Industry Briefing
Chiropractic is a safer first-line option for pain management than prescription opioid painkillers for fibromyalgia patients and others with chronic pain, numerous speakers insisted at a March 21 healthcare industry briefing hosted by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP). Marc Siegel, MD, Fox News Health commentator and professor of medicine at New York University's Langone Medical Center, praised the chiropractic profession for its drug-free approach to the management of back and neck pain. “Chiropractors are not the problem,” Siegel said, according to a press release issued after the National Press Club briefing in Washington, D.C. “In fact, zero percent of chiropractors actually prescribe opioids. Primary-care doctors are responsible for 28 percent of the problem, and let me tell you why: someone comes to us for back pain, and maybe we understand that the back is a tight compartment of muscle, nerve and bone, but maybe we don’t know which is causing the problem. So, what do primary care doctors do? They start trying to medicate to get the patient feeling better.” Other presentations echoed this position. Jan Chambers, founder and president of the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association, mentioned her own experience with chronic pain and her views on the value of drug-free care. “Opioids are contraindicative for fibromyalgia, and when you understand that pain – severe chronic pain – is a hallmark of fibromyalgia, it leaves us in a world of hurt,” she said. Wayne Jonas, MD, executive director of Samueli Integrative Health Programs, said that about 15 percent of
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  1. HJ says:

    It makes me SICK that they’re going to use the opiod “epidemic” to their benefit! There are so many shady chiropractors out there that I feel like I have to protect myself from THEM!

    I’d consider chiropractic treatment. I mentioned it to my mother while I was on a subway car on my way home. Both my mother and the person sitting in front of me (a stranger at the time) said, “Don’t go to a chiropractor!”

    Both were injured by a chiropractor.

    My mother had severe, aggressive osteoarthritis that was cutting her spinal cord. The chiropractor didn’t do any imaging studies… just started doing adjustments. SO VERY DANGEROUS.

    So, I’m livid to hear that chiropractors are saying “We’re not the problem, the opiod prescribers are!” No, you ARE part of the problem — clean up your acts so that you Do No Harm. Do these folks even practice under the Hippocratic oath? What do I mean by “clean up your acts”? Have some UNITED statement on what conditions you treat… don’t try to treat asthma, allergies and whatever else… And have some safety standards and standardized education!

    If you are a real specialty, the problem is that there are too many QUACKS that act like witch-doctors with miracle cures for every illnesses and a supplement for everything!

    Disgusting behavior from a “profession.”

  2. Denise Bault says:

    I’ve been fortunate to have found several good chiropractors that have helped me -somewhat- with SOME of my symptoms of fibromyalgia. Of course opioids should never be the FIRST line of defense for those of us who suffer from it. (Nor should they be for MANY illnesses.) Since chiropractors can’t prescribe ANY medications, WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS ARTICLE?

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