Most Women with Fibromyalgia Complain of Memory, Concentration Problems, Spanish Study Finds

Most Women with Fibromyalgia Complain of Memory, Concentration Problems, Spanish Study Finds
Most women with fibromyalgia say they have memory problems and can't concentrate, and a majority also suffer from anxiety and depression, according to a new report from Spain. Its authors recommend analyzing their findings in depth to improve the well-being of women with the disease. The study, “Cognitive complaints in women with fibromyalgia: Are they due to depression or to objective cognitive dysfunction?” appeared in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder characterized by widespread pain and tenderness, fatigue, restless sleep, stiffness, and mood disturbances. Patients often  have cognitive complaints, but doctors aren't clear whether this is because of cognitive dysfunction, or if depressive symptoms are to blame.
"Despite the wide acceptance of a high frequency of subjective cognitive complaints in patients with fibromyalgia, very few previous studies have specifically
sought to quantify the extent of such complaints in this population," according to authors of the study, which took place at Santa Maria Hospital in Lleida, a city in Spain's northeastern Catalonia region.
Between August 2012 and March 2014, researchers recruited 105 women with fibromyalgia and performed neuropsychological assessments, including measures of attention and executive functions. Participants completed questionnaires on several topics, namely
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  1. Renee W says:

    I want to tell anyone with fibromyalgia that I have had it for 14 years, and I am finally getting better. I did not believe it was possible but I am on an aggressive treatment for Lyme disease and for the first winter I did not have swollen painful joints, I have cleared out of most of my mind fog and I have had many other illnesses in the past 15 yrs but now I am actually better. I still have some depression and anxiety, but I have always had that. That is a different situation. I am a little better there too. I have come to think after all the reading and talking to people I have done and talked to people across the country, the Lyme disease is fibromyalgia and the CDC is lying to all of us. If you look up ILADS-lyme it is about the way to find the right doctor to listen to your pain and symptoms and see if you may have it. Most doctors in the main stream are adamant this is not true and some day I would love to sue them because I was becoming completely disabled and getting worse and nothing they did helped me. I got addicted to lots of pills from them. I think that I am not just one case. I have met more people like me. I would NEVER give false hope to anyone. Just look into it and get tested by the right people and educate yourself and learn WHY your lyme test at the reg doc may not be good enough. Its a huge controversy. I didn’t really know if I believed until now. I have been on the meds for over a year and had very slow progress. It is only after starting more antibiotics for a co-infection of babesia -another tick borne infection-that I have seen a huge difference. I hope you look into it for your self and perhaps that isn’t your main health problem but Lyme has so many symptoms, many like fibro, that I hope you give it some consideration and get tested. Thanks.

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