Dry Needling Improves Spinal Mobility, Reduces Pain in Fibromyalgia, Study Finds

Dry Needling Improves Spinal Mobility, Reduces Pain in Fibromyalgia, Study Finds
A treatment for fibromyalgia known as dry needling reduces pain stemming from trigger points and increases spinal mobility, according to a clinical study. The technique uses needles to affect sensitive points in the muscle, which cause pain in seemingly unrelated body parts. Inactivating these trigger points appears to decrease pain. The study, “Effects of Dry Needling on Spinal Mobility and Trigger Points in Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome,” was published in Pain Physician Journal and reported the results of a clinical trial (NCT02380807). In the study, the effects of dry needling in the spinal muscles (thoracic and lumbar) of fibromyalgia patients were compared to cross taping, which uses a nonelastic cross-mesh tape applied to the same trigger points. Patients were recruited at the Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital in Murcia, Spain. A total of 64 patients were randomly placed in either dry needling or cross-tape therapy groups. All participants received a baseline test, followed by four once-weekly therapy sessions. Five men and 59 women, whose ages ranged from 27 to 58, participated in the study. Trigger points included broad back muscle or “lats” (latissimus dorsi), extensor back muscles (iliocostalis, multifidus), and quadratus lumborum muscles, which, although located in the lower back, are actually
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  1. Toni Smith says:

    I have been on narcotics, high CBD oil is the only thing that takes the burning feel. Now I take small amounts of narcotics. I am feeling much better now, other than problems sleeping at night.

  2. Deb says:

    Needling etc etc…bollocks. As a sufferer, and those I know of that are chronic sufferers to say the same.. ‘needling of any description, and other so called treatments..don’t work, or are only 2min wonders.’ Not acceptable to say they are ‘successful’. Agree with others who know that the ‘Natural green, or the Oil, does work wonders!! for pain, the burning and sleep issues.

  3. I have been suffering/dealing with Fibro for 25+ years. I have experimented with several techniques and found that dry needling helps me tremendously! Physio & Chiro trained experts are the way to go:)

  4. Keney Foster says:

    I had 0ne treatment with a dry needle on May 25, 1916, at 7 A. M . and by 230pm, I was able to get up, and walk away, from a sitting position, without back pain. I had taken physical therapy for 11 sessions before that day and did not have any relieve before that point . at this point I am still pain free as far as my back pain goes.. I have had fibro and arthrithis for60 yrs. I am 81 yrs old.

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