Could Mindfulness Help Children and Teenagers With Fibromyalgia?

Mindfulness has long been advised as a way to help adults combat the pain and stress of chronic illnesses, and now a recent study has found that children and teenagers with fibromyalgia may also benefit.

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Researchers studied the effects of a two-month mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) training program for children and adolescents between 10 and 18 years old with fibromyalgia. The group was given questionnaires to complete before and after the program which covered levels of stress, quality of life, pain and anxiety. They discovered that the scores of the tests were significantly improved after the two-month period and the children who continued with MBSR for a year showed even more improvement.

The mindfulness-based stress reduction training is a program based on meditation, yoga, group support and patient education. Find out more about this study here. 

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  1. vivianne says:

    Yes, I do know the life changing Fibromyalgia can bring you, but, we can manage, I try to walk everyday, relax with a nap daily, changed my diet, of course sometimes it flare up, but I now know my limits, cannot watch TV more the 1 he in the evenings, need to go to have a warm bath then to bed early with a book, that works for Me, my heart goes to the children and teenagers, I am 67 and very grateful that I was diagnosed only a few years ago, cannot imagine the children and teenagers going trough that all they life, let,s hope for more discovery…..

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