What Triggers Fibromyalgia Flares and How to Fight Them

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition whereby patients suffer from incredible fatigue and almost constant pain. Because this is such a complex disease, patients often don’t know how to deal with the pain and how to control or ease it. If you don’t know what to do to improve daily life with fibromyalgia, here are some tips you might find useful.

Discover what the main symptoms of fibromyalgia are for women. 

In this video from Painfreekitchen, Rachel talks about fibromyalgia flares, what triggers hers and some of the products which help to ease the symptoms when she suffers from fibro flares.

From medications, hot and cold patches, Epsom salts and dietary changes, Rachel explains what works to help her keep fibromyalgia under control.

Read 11 tips to help improve your life with fibromyalgia. 

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  1. Em says:

    I have read many things from this site. Already I had eliminated many things from my diet. I love fresh green salads (organic-no GMO’s). Due to severe TMJ which has been treated and I know only for a short time I can no longer chew. Imagine what this is like! The 1st TMJ specialist botched it-anything for the Almighty Dollar.
    Friends, family-gone because of how I eat-making it all up. I know it is because of ignorance-can’t change it, can’t fix it. 14 years of being married to an NPD-he died in 1/14 and now his lies still live on. I want to scream out I am still alive!! No need as NPD’s excel in what they say.
    A world where others believe lies.

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