How Do Fibromyalgia Symptoms Affect Your Daily Routine?

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition. There are so many mysteries surrounding it making it very difficult to not only diagnose but also to treat. If you don’t suffer from the condition (or have just recently been diagnosed), you may have no idea what fibromyalgia is and how it’ll affect daily life.

Discover seven things fibromyalgia patients want you to know about the condition. 

The truth is that fibromyalgia symptoms will affect your lifestyle. In this video, YvesyM explains some of the symptoms of the disease and how regular tasks like going to the movies, having a love life and even carrying your purse can be affected by fibromyalgia.

She asks the audience to consider others who are suffering from a chronic disease where extreme pain affects every area of their life. Would you add anything else to what this YouTuber said?

Discover 11 tips to help improve your life with fibromyalgia.

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  1. Christopher Souza says:

    Thank You for this video! I’m recently disabled with both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia, you definitely nailed it in this short 5min vid! I was told that I can have over 60 symptoms my biggest being pain & fatigue, no sleep, fibro fog & brain zaps, confusion, headache, nausea, dizziness. I tell ppl it’s like having the flu & still having to wrestle someone, sooner or later you just have to tap out smh I just try to stay positive & do what I can ??

    • Tim Bossie says:

      You pretty much hit the nail on the head. The flu and still have to wrestle but know you will tap out. Keep staying positive Chris.

  2. Betty Wright says:

    Sharp pain in your legs and arms, it feels like your being bit. Is this something that is comon. Very painful and comes at the worst time, like taking a drink or trying to sleep. I jump and let out a yipe.

  3. Pearl11 says:

    When I say how it is, it sounds like whinging and likely I’m making a big fuss. How nice to see someone tell it, no emotion. Let the listener take on through the sheer length of the talk, how difficult, painful, sad and depressing it must be to have Fibromyalgia take over you life. How many of us would dare to tell it all? Or could bear to? This nudges us to look at our assumptions and predudices. What does/should pain look like? Are we allowed to despair? Or does this despair become another reason we are at fault? Too often we are forced to accept the dubious Pacing and CBT or get no help at all. This method always seems to put the blame firmly on the us for every failing. We ‘over did’ the pacing, we were given to negative thinking, we ate a morsel of forbidden food, when we were supposed to be sticking to the new fad diet!
    Does FMS exist or is it just lazy, fat, indulgent, depressed folks making a fuss? On the media, those with FMS are always fat and lazy. People I know with the condition are not. It is hard to live with the condition anyway, but the negativity and disbelief that surrounds the condition makes it so much harder to bear. Too often we are told simply need to buck our selves up, yet we can’t, nor can we prove why. Thanks for defying the stereotype and being young and pretty (and not fat) and telling it how it is. Folks need to remember, FMS affects young people too and there is an urgent need for investment to understand the condition and find answers. Lives are wasting.

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