11 Tips to Improve Your Life With Fibromyalgia

Look at how you work

chronic Illness defined

Could you work from home a couple of days each week? Can you change your hours to ones that suit you better? Do you have a comfortable working space? Discuss ways you can improve your work life with your employer so it’s more beneficial for both of you.

Discover six things you should say to someone with fibromyalgia.


  1. Sue says:

    I am always low on my vitamin D count so I do take a supplement of 5000 iu’s daily. Today it rained and weather was drastic from our winter weather. Suffered terribly today from the weather, hardly could walk , had to force myself to do my usual, which is alot for a fibromyalgia patient. Can’t wait till tomorrow, back in the 20’s and SNOW, I feel so much better in cold weather. Purchased a Imtex hot tub, it does great!!! and I was very impressed with it.It does help me before I go to bed , relaxes me. I suggest to anyone that has this disease to think about the hot tub, only cost 400$ and was well worth the relief.

    • Tammy Anderson says:

      I agree we got a hot tub for me and it helped so much! I didn’t realize how much until it broke! We are getting a new one tomorrow thank goodness!

  2. I don’t know if this is the case for others, but I’ve found that caffeine makes me crash rather than waking me up. During my first year with fibromyalgia, I was in high school at a program that teaches independent living and job skills to blind students. I pretty much lived on coffee that year. I had no idea it was making things worse until a couple years later, when I converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and stopped consuming caffeine and realized I was more alert without it. My suspicions were confirmed when I drank a caffeinated soda at my dad’s house where that was all they had and was crashed out on his couch a few minutes later. I suggest trying to go without caffeine and then maybe drinking something that contains a little to see what happens. If you’re more alert without it and find yourself getting even more exhausted after you consume it, you might be like me.

    • LaShona Hickman says:

      Hello..Yes, I can consume a cup of Coffee then Crash. Its really good to know I’m not the only done with this issue. I tried to stop drinking coffee in the afternoon. I do drink Organic Green Tea. Very Delish with organic Honey.non- pasteurized. I also add Turmeric to my Green Tea as well as cinnamon. Helps with the pain. Thank you for telling your story. I’m exactly the Same. Have a Blessed Day..LaShona 😌

  3. Grace from Australia says:

    Please can you put this in one article so we don’t have to click and wait for the next paragraph? For someone with FMS that is not a good idea!!!!

  4. Susan says:

    It’s good to know that caffeine bothers other fibromyalgia sufferers also. I want to learn what other foods trigger my flares. Please share your insights

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