‘Tis The Season to Share — and Take Care

‘Tis The Season to Share — and Take Care
Christmas can be a really lonely season for so many of us. We may be far away from family and unable to handle the travel. We may be single and feeling left out. We may be estranged from family or friends. Let's look at some ways to bring the joy of the season into our lives. Pacing yourself and listening to your body is a must. Pushing yourself will just put you in a flare and steal your joy. So, let's start by making a weekly list of what you want to accomplish. Put a star next to the most important three on the list. Do those first. That way if everything is not accomplished, you know you will have finished the most important ones. This will be different for everyone, especially those with young children. Be sure to let the kiddos help. To party or not to party, that is the question. If it's an important party that you feel you must attend, go and enjoy it for about 30-60 minutes and then leave. You can socialize without burning yourself out. But if you are unable to attend, there's no need to feel guilty. Christmas dinner doesn't have to mean you slave in the kitchen to the point that you are unable to enjoy your guests/family. Why not do it buffet style and ask others to bring something? That can be more fun, more relaxing, and take a whole lot of stress off you, leaving you to enjoy the day. Shopping — the dreaded deed of Christmas. Just the thought can put you in a flare. I put a $ limit on everyone I buy for. I start in August and purchase a few things each month online. If your funds are really limited, you can make coupon books, put together small photo albums, write a letter expressing your love, gather some great photos and have a personalized calendar made. (I would love to hear your ideas.) Trees and decorations. Since I've been ill, m
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  1. Patrice says:

    Yes, Robin, I love that you said spend time worshiping the Savior this Christmas!!!

    He is my Savior and Lord too!!

    O come let us adore Him!!

  2. Denise Bault says:

    A lot of great ideas on how to get through what will probably be a very lonely time for some of us. One addition: HELP SOMEONE ELSE. If you have a tree and decorations you can no longer put up or use, why not give them to a family that doesn’t have those things? Or, take an elderly person who has difficulty shopping with you on a day you feel well enough to go. Christmas is a horrible time for me. There will be no decorations this year, but that’s okay. I can look out my bedroom window and see the neighbor’s lights. I have a very small budget for presents for those that still love me and think I am a valuable human being. The rest can enjoy their celebrations without me. It’s their loss! Merry Christmas everyone and may God bless each and everyone of us with a cure someday soon!

  3. Robin Dix – I have a FB page and would like to post some of your articles on it. I see you don’t have a facebook link and I was wondering why? If I post your articles, it will promote your website. Check it out – Kim and Karen’s Fibromyalgia Talk

  4. Carla StGermain says:

    Thank you for your column!! It’s very helpful for people, such as myself, who don’t suffer from chronic illness, but have family members who do. It helps to give us a glimpse into your lives, what you struggle with, and how we can encourage you, while being sensitive to your needs.
    I love all the tips you’ve shared here! Some are great for all of us, actually.
    Merry Christmas to everyone! May the Lord bless you wherever you find yourself this holiday season.

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