Fibromyalgia Cream MyPainAway Wins 1st Place at HME Retail Product Awards

Fibromyalgia Cream MyPainAway Wins 1st Place at HME Retail Product Awards

Tropical BioMedics’ MyPainAway Fibro Cream won the first place prize at the Innovative HME Retail Products Awards on Nov. 1. Sponsored by HomeCare Magazine, the awards took place at this year’s MedTrade Fall Conference Oct. 31 to Nov. 3.

MyPainAway Fibro Cream with its Innovative HME Retail Product Award. Photo credit: PRWeb

MyPainAway Fibro Cream is an odorless moisturizing cream that was developed to treat pain associated with fibromyalgia by bringing a combination of 11 natural biomedicines to rapidly relieve nerve and muscle pain at the cellular level.

The proprietary formula is free of parabens, petroleum and other harsh chemicals, as well as counter-irritants like camphor, capsaicin or menthol.

The cream is available in a 3-ounce tube (retailing at $14.99), and 6-ounce tube ($19.99) at CVS, Vitamin Shoppe and other stores nationwide. Tropical BioMedics donates 3 percent of the sales to fibromyalgia research foundations.

“MyPainAway Fibro Cream is a natural extension of our flagship Topricin line of pain relief and healing creams, which have restored hope and quality of life to hundreds of thousands of pain sufferers since 1994,” Lou Paradise, Tropical BioMedics’ CEO, said in a press release.

“Our products bridge the gap between conventional care and well-researched natural medicine and have been shown to help reduce the need for and dependency on all classifications of oral chemical pain medications, including opioids,” he said.

“We are proud that, for over 22 years, the Topricin project has assisted people suffering with pain and helped their doctors to reduce the risks of addiction to painkillers while achieving a restoration of hope and robust healthy living. Our MyPainAway Fibro Cream enables us to reach and help the millions of people, mostly women, suffering from the intense pain associated with fibromyalgia,” Paradise added.

MyPainAway Fibro Cream shared the podium with runner-up The SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizer from So Clean, which was described as “the world’s first automated CPAP sanitizer, and is the faster, easier, more effective way to clean CPAP machine equipment” by Jessica Cormier, the company’s marketing director.

Third place went to The Tour (Walker) from Motivo, a walker/rollator developed to provide patients with greater independence, ergonomics and personal style.

“We had a lot of excellent entrants this year,” said Kevin Gaffney, group show director at MedTrade. “It was a tough decision, but our judges narrowed it down.”

The top eight remaining products were presented in a retail awards conference session hosted by Jim Greatorex, business developer for the VGM Group. Products were selected based on their market opportunity and product demand; innovation; price; design of retail packaging; merchandising tools; marketing campaign; competitive advantages over similar products; HME retail compatibility; and training tools programs for in-store sales staff.

“More manufacturers are helping us drive the retail component of our business through social media, advertising, point of purchase displays, and YouTube videos,” said Cindy Ciardo, a judge in the competition, and CEO of Knueppel Health Care Services. “All of that helps. And more companies are policing their pricing through minimum advertised price policies. That is huge.”

Tropical BioMedics’ launched its flagship product, Tropicin Pain Relief and Healing Cream, in 1994 as the first cream developed to relieve pain at the cellular level by supporting an optimum healing response, and assisting the body’s desire to heal the damaged cells.