New Mouse Model Shows Autophagy as Potential New Factor in Fibromyalgia

New Mouse Model Shows Autophagy as Potential New Factor in Fibromyalgia
Researchers using a new mouse model found novel aspects of fibromyalgia disease connected to metabolic and molecular changes, including mitochondria damage and autophagy activation. The study, “Fibromyalgia syndrome: metabolic and autophagic processes in intermittent cold stress mice,” was published in the journal Pharmacology Research & Perspectives. To study the mechanisms of fibromyalgia syndrome, researchers have developed animal models with pharmacological influence on central nervous mediators such as serotonin, noradrenalin, or intramuscular injection of acid. Another model had stress‐induced hyperalgesia (abnormally heightened sensitivity to pain) and a new one had intermittent cold stress (ICS). The ICS models had fibromyalgia‐like long‐lasting hyperalgesia and allodynia (central pain sensitization resulting from increased neuronal response). Like clinical fibromyalgia patients, the symptomatic pain in the mice could be resolved with antidepressants and gabapentin. But a question remained whether ICS has an impact in other skeletal muscles features, particularly on metabolism, mitochondrial function, morphology, and cellular process such as autophagy (in which proteins and damaged organelles are naturally destroyed). To find the answer, researchers analyzed the function of mitochondria and the autophagy pathway in ICS mice. The team recovered muscle and liver specimens from 36 mice and performed analysis of several molecular markers for metabolism alterations,
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  1. Wow, if they could have a way to diagnose this disease, there would be less mosdiagnoseses, and less harm all around! Also, more appropriate pharmicuticals all 4 that! KEEP up the good work

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Exactly right Elizabeth! There definitely needs to be a much better way to diagnose Fibromyalgia. Many people go years with needless suffering because of the problems they face with this illness.

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