Easy Meal and Snack Ideas for Low Energy Days

Easy Meal and Snack Ideas for Low Energy Days
I'm a very simple eater. I don't need fancy meals, and it doesn't take much to fill me up. Most of my days are very low energy days, so I need meals and snacks that work for me. Granted, you and I probably have different tastes and may choose to eat differently, but I'm hopeful you can come away with some ideas that you may not have thought of: Potential Healthy Snacks String cheese and whole grain or gluten-free crackers Sliced apples and almond butter Greek yogurt with your fruit of choice, walnuts, and chia seeds Fruit salad A small handful of raw nuts, such as cashews, walnuts, almonds, pistachios Homemade kale or zucchini chips Homemade datenut balls Smoothies No-bake energy balls Veggies and hummus Potential Healthy Simple Meals Avocado chicken wraps Turkey taco lettuce wraps Frozen organic meals like Amy's Toast topped with mashed avocado and a fried egg Soups and stews made in the crockpot BLT Taco salad Grilled cheese made with sliced cheddar cheese and thinly sliced green apples with a bit of mustard Healthy cereal, like oatmeal, with berries of choice, almond milk, and pure maple syrup Veggie burger or grass-fed burger on a whole grain or gluten-free bun Eggs, English muffin, and fruit Green protein smoothie Wild salmon, baked or grilled with a salad Any kind of stir fry Anything cooked in a crockpot It's also good to make foods that you can freeze, then just thaw one out, heat it up, and enjoy. When we make cookies, I wrap them in twos and freeze them. Then if I have a sweet craving, I just take them out of the freezer. I do my best to eat clean, and organic when possible. If you eat meat, grass-feed beef, wild fish, and free-range chickens are best. If you eat gluten free, thrive.com has great prices and a wide variety
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    Thank you Robin again, for the great ideas on easy meals and snacks. I struggle a lot to find a way to eat healthy but keep it simple. I am keeping your list on my refriderator.

  2. Sha'ula says:

    Robin: I have nothing to add. Luckily have husband who enjoys cooking, but I help when I can. I have gone vegan since it has cured my IBS. Do alot of smoothies and pea protein powder mix and tons of nuts and seeds along w B vitamins and iron. I eat small amounts of red meat sometimes and goat cheese. Green leafy veggies and can eat beans now, before going vegan beans killed my gut. Now, eat them without fear or pain. Reading up on foods without lectins. Lots of dark berries.

  3. Mary Carrazza says:

    Hi Robin.
    Like you -I tend towards easy to prepare meals – can be hummus & rice crackers; peanut butter filled celery sticks & raw carrot or a toasted cheese sandwich(sour dough). But then the weather chills & I crave something hot. My “go to” is pasta. As a vegetarian – I have half a dozen favourites: veg ravioli & pumpkin sauce or if I’m struggling – thin spaghetti with mixed italian herbs & olive oil, lots of parmesan cheese, sea salt & black pepper.
    But you know there are times when your body craves “greens”. So a quick stir fry: celery, broccolini, baby bok choy & chinese broccoli, baby spinach & green part of spring onions only and ginger. No nightshades (chilli, capsicims etc) garlic or onion. Add hand full chopped parsley/ coriander/basil – depending on taste. Add a veg stock & a cup boiling water…..warms the body top to toe. Can be eaten as a “soup” or with rice/noodles. Next day add tomatoes to left overs to boost flavour.
    This can be frozen & thawed when the body wants something hot steamy & green.

  4. Debbie says:

    At times I have really really bad IBS. I am unable to eat any veges except Avo. At my brother’s suggestion, I made chicken soup and cooked all the veges in with the chicken. I started by “eating” just the chicken.. the veges had leached into the meat. I Then progressed to small amounts of broth with the chicken.. I am now able to eat the soup completely.

    I also eat salad that has no leavy greens…. tomatoe, mushrooms, carrots, stawberrys, avo, home made lentil sprouts …. all cut very small. Every now and again I will add a little raw spinach or broccoli.
    As a dressing I mix balsamic and conola oil with a little xylitol, as I am prediabetic.

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