Fibromyalgia Patients May Someday See a THC Patch Treatment

Fibromyalgia Patients May Someday See a THC Patch Treatment
A new treatment is in being studied for fibromyalgia (FM) that delivers medication through a skin patch. The drug candidate is called ZYN001 and is under development by Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, based in Devon, Pennsylvania. ZYN001 contains a prodrug medication that the body converts to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana. Fibromyalgia is a painful disorder that healthcare providers have sometimes failed to recognize as an actual medical condition. Characterized by extreme fatigue and chronic pain, often in localized body regions, fibromyalgia can be hard to distinguish from conditions like arthritis. An estimated 5.6 million individuals in the United States suffer from fibromyalgia. Once oral medications are absorbed by the gastrointestinal system, they can be present at variable levels in the blood, and may be broken down to some extent in the liver. This is called "first-pass" metabolism. Skin (transdermal) patches could potentially bypass some of these problems. According to Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, because ZYN001 comes in a patch form it may supply the drug in a more consistent manner than an oral medication. This could allow for fewer psychological effects that are normally associated with THC, since the patch formulation does not permit a peak blood level of THC. So far, Zynerba has investigated ZYN001 in animal models, as reported on their website. The studies examined the use of subcutaneous medication in rats to assess blood levels of the medication and to examine safety for respiratory symptoms. In a rat pharma
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  1. Rosa Linhoff says:

    My name is Rose and I was a happy person. I still have my happy moments! My hubby, my children, family & my granddaughter! being around them makes me forget the pain I live with. I was diagnosed back on 2011 by a Dr. at Newark beth Israel hospital. I heard about Fibro, but never ever thought I will belong to this awful painful condition. From a mother, grandma, Lover of weekend malls, dinner, sports event, and travel and many more activities, I’m now an insider of my apartments cave. I don’t enjoy going out! Walking hurts my knees and back, at times I have no motivation in going out! It has totally change my life, and I don’t want to overwhelmed people with your everyday comments, So i stay quiet in my little cave..Sometimes i get up and say..Today is a good day only to fool myself a few hours later. Fibrofog, that is another story. Sometimes I feel so fustrated because i want to be who i was before this..
    ( MYOFASCIAL ) (SPINAL STENOSIS) (ARTHRITIS) among other things took over my entire life ! I thank god for my Husband which gives and helps 110% of him & I thank god for keeping me employed! If I wasn’t I would probably be bedridden or not here at all !! So for those that see me and don’t understand my issues, Well what can I say! Consider yourself lucky that it’s not you..So please I ask and 🙏🏼 think before you want to attack people with this awful decease. If any chance I can participate in this trial or for the patch please consider me.
    Rose Linhoff

    Live 1 day @ a time
    Not much I can do!!
    I have to accept that my life has change.

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