Neurogenx Works To Provide Better Access To Treatments

Neurogenx Works To Provide Better Access To Treatments

The two first Neurogenx Nerve Centers of the United States will open this summer, a milestone for both neuropathy patients and Neurogenx. The grand opening of the Hoover, Alabama Center occurred July 20th and the Palm Desert, California Center will open in August. The Nerve Centers are the core of a coordinated project that aims to raise awareness of how serious peripheral neuropathy can be while providing access to effective treatments.

Neuropathy causes tingling, pain, burning and numbness in the hands and feet as a consequence of nerve damage that results from diabetes and chronic nerve issues like carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia. It strikes almost 30 percent of Americans over 40, and is a hard to treat condition, with patients suffering without any relief of their painful symptoms. In the worst-case scenario for those with diabetes, neuropathy can cause loss of balance, injuries and falls that do not heal and might result in an amputated leg or foot.

“The Neurogenx Electronic Signal Technology treatment changes all that,” noted Paul Todd, who is the Executive Director of the Neurogenx Center in Hoover. “We use a restorative medical protocol that helps the body heal itself.” Todd worked with podiatrists and was then introduced to Neurogenx. He lived with severe pain in a foot for over 6 months after an accident in a swimming pool. He visited several medical practitioners and obtained none relief, and after 2 Neurogenx treatments, Todd’s foot pain disappear and did not return. “I was convinced right then and there that I had to help make this treatment available to other people suffering with neuropathy.”

The Neurogenx 4000Pro uses advanced Electronic Signal Technology (EST) in a non-surgical, non-narcotic treatment that solves neuropathy symptoms in 4 out of 5 patients.

“Improvement often becomes noticeable within 3-4 treatments. And because so many neuropathy patients have been shuffled from doctor to doctor with no hope for a solution, we wanted the Neurogenx treatment experience to be entirely different,” added Keith London, President of the Neurogenx Nerve Center in Palm Desert. “Our facilities are new, comfortable and attractive, designed to make a treatment feel more like a spa experience than a doctor visit”.