Fibromyalgia Causes Risky Nondipping Blood Pressure, Study Shows

Fibromyalgia Causes Risky Nondipping Blood Pressure, Study Shows
shutterstock_3011837In a recent study entitled “Fibromyalgia and Nondipper Circadian Blood Pressure Variability” a research team reports that female fibromyalgia patients are a risk group for “non-dipping blood pressure,” a phenomenon associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders. The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology. Fibromyalgia (FM) is a rheumatologic disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain accompanied by other symptoms, including fatigue and sleep perturbations, and is estimated to affect approximately 3 to 5% of the general population, according to the The American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association (AFSA). These symptoms suggest FM patients may suffer from perturbations in their autonomic nervous system, leading to disturbances in processes controlled by the circadian rhythm, such as sleep and heart rate. Notably, blood press
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  1. Kim Vanderburg says:

    I suffer from hbp and recently have notbeen able to control it with my regular pressure med. My bp goes to 187/101!!! Found out today that i have fybromyalgia! ??

    • henry says:

      iam 53 year old male and been disabled with fibro for about 20 years, the about last 3 years my BP stays as high as yours and even higher(200/90 avg)..i have had every test including the stress test on my heart and every time they find nothing wrong, my PCP has tried every BP med there is and none lower my BP, and most i cannot handle because of side effects, just another part of having fibro is chemical sensitivity, i have had doctors say they do not want to treat me, they are thinking some how its my not doing what they say is why my BP is staying high…the fact is most doctors do not understand fibro and how complicated it really is, i do not like how they keep saying it a rheumatologic disorder when its a over active central nervous system disorder…i have chest pains like am having a heart attack all the time…wish you all the best, but keep in mind you are your own best defense against fibro, stay positive, tomorrow it always gets better, and thats the truth when ever i have a really crap day the next day is always better maybe because i rest because i dont feel good because i did to much the day before, fibro effects every thing in the body including memory…do not let it win…

      • Johnny says:

        Thanks for posting this. It helped to read this today. I ended up in urgent care this morning not feeling well with an FM flareup and adrenal surges. My blood pressure was high, but I couldn’t get the doctor to understand there was a connection with the fibro. My BP is usually low-normal, but when I have a significant FM flareup I can develop a high pulse rated, high BP, and other symptoms most often associate with stress and anxiety. Why doctors are often unwilling to connect the obvious dots between FM and the body’s adrenal defense system really baffles me. I wish more doctors would have the perspicacity of Viviane’s doctor (see below) and would address the underlying issue in a holistic, thoughtful way, rather than being alarmist in prescribing often unnecessary medication. As you say, fibro effects everything. It puts the body and mind under truly measurable stress. Thankfully there are things like message boards that allow us to communicate with others and share our experiences and encouragements. Best of luck to you all as you deal with FM.

  2. viviane Lachaud de Leckenby says:

    I am 69 female have fibrimyalgia and a High blood pressure of 168/105 but doctors told me to just walk every day, eat lots os fresh salads with my own dressing of virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar and black pepper no salt and lots of veggies and fruit in it at least once a day,,,and NAP during the day, and that is all,,,NO medication….well so far so good….wishing all the best.

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